Deluxe Edition Press Release!

Memmaker is the alter-ego of Montreal-based Iszoloscope, the brain-child of Yann Faussurier and Guillaume Nadon whose interest in EBM, noise, and industrial lead to the project’s inception in 2004. After several live gigs and festival appearances and a couple demos, the band caught the attention of the now-defunct Hive Records and released How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising to wide acclaim. The album quickly went out of print, and in 2010 Artoffact Records signed Memmaker to release an updated 2CD Deluxe Edition of the band’s debut release. How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition comes with extra tracks that never made it on the first edition, as well as a full-length bonus CD featuring remixes by Rotersand, Xotox, Fractured, Stendeck, Liar’s Rosebush , and other fine electronic artists. The album is totally remastered and sports new cover art. Memmaker is one of the new breed of electronic aritsts making harsh electronic dance music, and How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition is the perfect expression of dark, driving energy. Released on Artoffact and available June 8th, 2010.
Get it here: Storming The Base.