“Let There Be Lasers” Press Release.

00 - Artwork

Let There Be Lasers is the highly anticipated full length follow up to 2008’s How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising by Canadian electronic duo Memmaker. The album perpetuates the band’s trademark of sci-fi inspired high energy techno industrial beats. The album is situated within the overarching theme of lasers as a mean to pay hommage to their awesomeness. Expect more of the same nerdy wit that made the first album a scene classic, in addition to a flurry of not so carefully hidden laser samples on top.

Release date: March 18.

Release Details: The album will first release on Bandcamp March 18 followed by most digital platforms for purchase (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) and streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) from March 18 as well.

For those of us still living in the 90s, a physical copy on Compact Disc is also being worked on for a later release, in collaboration with our good friends at braincorp.dk. More details will follow as they become available.


1 – Let There be Lasers (Intro)
2 – Doom Ray
3 – Machine
4 – Drop the Beat
5 – Atomkrig (Dansk Jävlar!)
6 – Manipulate
7 – Sex With a Robot (Are You Gonna Do It?)
8 – Race to Space (feat. Detroit Diesel)
9 – Sunstorm
10 – Doom Ray (remixed by Synapscape)

Let There Be Lasers is: Guillaume Nadon
With: Fred Scarfone, Yann Faussurier & Tim Van Neer

Mixed and Mastered by: Yann Faussurier

A Death Audio production.

Cover artwork by: Gustavo Sazes for abstrata.net

Published by: Braincorp. © All rights reserved.

Memmaker would like to thank Chris Knight and no one else.

Be sure to check www.memmaker.bandcamp.com on March 18!